Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Home

Welcome! I have always been proud of my home. I like for people to feel welcomed when they step in to my door. I make sure I have a Bath and Body Works plug-in making the air smell sweet. Usually Lilac or Mango Orange for Spring/Summer and something spicy orangy in the Fall and of course Pine and Cinnamon in the Winter. My main colors of my home are sage green, cranberry, golden yellow and ivory. I love anything cottage, vintage, antiques and shabby chic. I have so many styles I like that they all get thrown in together to make my home. Here is a dresser I have in my foyer. I love the rich color of the oak against the green walls.

We also have a sitting area between the two closets in our foyer. I especially designed that for my daughter Ariel who loves to read.

This is the sitting room. It is right off from the foyer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gail, I LOVE what you did to your Blog!! How did you make the Blog Title Picture?? I am dying to make something like that for my Blog, looks awesome!!
Have a wonderful day!! xoxo

Renee's Reproductions said...

Gail, love the dresser in your foyer! The color on the walls looks great with the wood floors, great choice.xo

Cynthia S. said...

I love the color on your walls too Gail!!, sooo soothingly pretty!and that little nook is so cute too!! Great job on your blog, it looks great! ~ hugs ~ Cyn

Karin@creativechaos said...

Hi Gail! Your home is beautiful!!!! I love the color of the walls.....it's so hard to find that perfect shade of green....I'll be back to visit often! Karin

Jen r. said...

HI, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit! I LOVE that little nook you have!!! I love teh colrs in your home as well! I'm off to peek around at your blog a little more! Jen R

Candy said...

HI :)
You have a lovely home. And lovely blog.
And...that picture of you on your blog is soooo pretty. You are beautiful!!!
Hugs to you,

Elizabeth said...

Hi Gail,

So sorry to take so long to respond to your question regarding my style for your home. This is Elizabeth from Elizabeth House and you left a comment for asking about my style in your home. First, your home is very lovely and I love the colors! My style is usually known as "casual elegance" with chandeliers (formal, fun, funky) aged walls, lots of texture, and the colors, gray, cream, brown, and tans. I use a lot of faded, worn and torn items and the items I use have meaning to me. The best advice I can offer is that whatever you put into your home, it should make you feel good, feel happy, and you are glad you have it. I am a BIG, BIG believer in that I own my home, it doesn't own me. And I believe a home evolves over time along with the caretakers. So. if you want that faded, worn look, try it in a small space - maybe a bathroom or guest room. See if you like it and if it speaks to you. If it does, great, if not, then let your own voice speak to you. And from the looks of your home, you have a beautiful voice! Thank you for asking and I am flattered that you enjoy my style so much to want it in your home. What a joy it was to read your comment.
Best wishes,

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This is my kitchen. I wanted the cabinets to have more of a furniture look to them. I will take more pictures of this room later. :)

An end table in my living room. I love all my little trinkets!!!!

This is actually a birdbath with a garden angel positioned inside. I added the greenery for a halo and around the base of the angel. :)